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The Video Game Machine

The Video Game Machine revealed by Stardock

This lets you create your own games in a number of genres, including the ability to share them with your friends.

Stardock has revealed an upcoming title called The Video Game Machine, a sandbox experience that lets you create and share your own games, from adventure to side-scrollers and various other options, as you can see in the screenshots below.

"If you play games, odds are you've wanted to try making one too," said Scott Tykoski, lead
designer. "The Video Game Machine is a game that lets you pick a genre, choose some rules,
and unleash your inner game designer."

The Video Game Machine lets you choose mechanics at a basic level, before letting you set up rules and characters. There are even pre-made games in there for you to edit, and you can download ones from other players to try them out.

"The game has been designed to be easy enough that anyone can create their own games
while still having enough power that savvy gamers can create truly unique games with it," added
Tykoski. "We've made the art style match the 1980s/1990s golden age and included a lot of
premade graphics sets so players can be up and making their own games in minutes."

An alpha test for The Video Game Machine is due to start on May 29, including platformer and adventure genres. Those who are interested in pre-orders, the alpha, or the Founder's Program can check the title out at this site.

Have you ever wanted to make your own game?

The Video Game Machine
The Video Game MachineThe Video Game Machine
The Video Game MachineThe Video Game MachineThe Video Game Machine