PUBG: Battlegrounds

The very first map in PUBG returns for a limited time

Get ready for a blast from the past this May.

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PUBG is of course somewhat overshadowed by its competitor Fortnite today, but we mustn't forget that it was actually PUBG that started the trend with Battle Royale when it started. In a nod to the game's roots, the game's very first map is returning for a limited time.

The update is called Enrangel Classic and allows players to return to the very first Enrangel map as it appeared when it arrived. This means that the version of the map that is currently in the game will not be available for the two weeks. The dates to watch out for are between 23rd May and 6th June for console players and 14th May to 28th May for PC players. Which then means that it is possible to play the whole thing for an extra week if you have both PC and console.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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