Dirt 5

The very busy box art of Xbox Series X games revealed

The box art of Xbox Series X games are quite busy indeed, displaying the various cross-generation features.

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Many people didn't seem to be too impressed with the boxart for Playstation 5 games, which has the blue upper part exchanged for a white bar. Still, regardless of what you think of Sony's effort, we should all be able to agree that the ones for Xbox Series X simply does not look good.

The design is largely the same as the box art of today, but it seems like Microsoft has struggled to make them as busy as possible with information about all the Xbox editions the game supports, HDR, 4K resolutions, Smart Delivery and a huge sticker explaining that the game is optimized for Xbox Series X.

Check it out below. As there should be a couple of month until the release of the console, we really hope Microsoft reconsiders this one.

Dirt 5

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