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The Valorant off-season tournaments have been revealed

The EMEA region will host eight tournaments over the next few months.

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Riot Games previously affirmed that during the lengthy off-season of the Valorant Champions Tour that there would be an array of tournaments taking place for fans to watch and pros to compete in. Now we know what they are.

Focusing on the EMEA side of things primarily here, the region will host eight tournaments over the coming weeks.

Starting on October 3 will be the Crossfire Cup Mediamarkt e Intel, the Valorant Regional League Türkiye Invitational, and the Valorant Regional League Dach Evolution: Unity. Following this on October 7 will be the Red Bull Home Ground 2022, which arrives days before the BME Superdome on October 13. These will take us into the G-Loot Valorant Clash on October 21, the Coup de France on October 27, and finally the Lyon e-Sport on November 11.

To find out details about what each tournament will be, including its conclusion date, and even what the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region will be doing, you can find the announcement blog post here.


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