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The Uncharted film is delayed until 2021

There's another twist in the tale of the Uncharted film project, one that sees it pushed back until next year.

The Uncharted film has been the subject of plenty of speculation and insider reports, and now Deadline brings us another report saying that Sony has delayed the release of the long-awaited film to 2021.

Uncharted was originally meant to release on December 18, but is now scheduled to land on March 5 next year, and this is part of several shifts in releases, including Masters of the Universe moving out of this March 2021 release window.

Travis Knight just recently departed the film as director, but Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg are still attached to star, bringing the video game franchise to life after years of trials and tribulations for the film.

Are you excited for the Uncharted film to finally be a reality?

The Uncharted film is delayed until 2021

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