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The Technomancer

The Technomancer's companions system explained

New trailer shows how much work has gone into party members.

We've already seen how customisable your main character is in The Technomancer, and in this brand new trailer we get to see how Spiders Studio has put a lot of work into your companions as well.

You may choose to travel with up to two companions as you explore and fight your way through the world. Choose carefully, as they all have their own unique fighting styles. Each one has specific special talents, such as crafting, lockpicking, knowledge and more. Thus picking one companion over another has a significant impact on the way you play and how the story unfolds.

Your companions level up alongside you. Each one gets their own inventory from where you can modify their gear at any time. Equip them with new weapons and armour that you can upgrade with your crafting talents.

They also have their own behaviour, opinions, and moral code, so we're hoping this will make it very replayable. We'll see if our hopes are fulfilled when The Technomancer arrives June 28th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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