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PUBG: Battlegrounds

The Taliban is banning PUBG: Battlegrounds and TikTok

Both will be unavailable in Afghanistan in 90 days.

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The Taliban has made it clear that within the next 90 days, both PUBG: Battlegrounds and TikTok will both be banned in Afghanistan. Announced by the country's Ministry of Telecommunication and reported on by Khaama Press (thanks, PC Gamer), the decision comes due to the game "promoting violence" and "misleading youth".

It should be noted however that this ban will likely not resolve the problem PUBG poses to Afghanistan's youth, as VPNs will allow players to be able to play the game despite its incoming national ban, and likewise, we can probably assume that some sort of similar title that isn't PUBG will debut in the country soon after, as has been the case in other places that have banned massively popular video games.

As for TikTok, no doubt users will find a creative way to continue using the platform following its banning as well.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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