The Survivalists

The Survivalists' Expeditions update has launched on consoles

It's bringing new trinkets, animals, and even an endgame island.

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Team17 has announced that it has launched the Expeditions update on the console version of The Survivalists. The update that brings a variety of new features was previously available on the PC edition of the game, and will be coming to the Apple Arcade version "soon".

The update will be adding a range of new content to the game including over 40 new trinkets, of which up to four can now be equipped at a time. On top of this, the update promises four new Taskmasters that can be found over the island, each who offer new themed missions to reward increasingly better gear. Then to really hammer this update home, it is also adding five new companion pets, the ability to catalogue animals and items, as well as powerful new animals to face, and even an endgame island with more dangerous foes and a new mini-boss. We're also promised "several bug fixes and quality of life improvements" in the update.

As mentioned above, this update is live on the PC and console version of the game, and will be arriving on the Apple Arcade edition in the future. You can read the full patch notes here.

The Survivalists

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