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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will be released earlier than planned

It's actually pushed forward again after being delayed in several countries.

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When Illumination and Nintendo delayed The Super Mario Bros. Movie out of 2022, they stated the movie would premiere on April 7. Turns out, that wasn't true for all territories, as some of us were set to get it in March. Unfortunately, that changed somewhat quietly earlier this year, so it seemed like pretty much everyone would be getting it on the first Friday of April. That won't be the case either, but in a good way.

The movie's Twitter account has announced The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been moved forward to April 5 in the United States and "more than 40 other markets around the world." Hopefully we'll learn what the unspecified markets are when we get the final trailer on March 9.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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