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The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is here

What do you think about Chris Pratt's Mario-voice and the plumber's butt after watching it?

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Players around the world have spent the last couple of years talking about how Chris Pratt's Mario-voice will be in Nintendo and Illumination's upcoming movie, but things changed when we got the first poster from it on Tuesday and people realised the iconic character won't have the most impressive butt in the world. That must mean the Internet will go absolutely nuts tonight.

Because we have, as promised, got the very first trailer from what's officially called The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it shows Mario's front and back, reveals Chris Pratt's Mario-interpretation, gives us a taste of an epic battle involving Bowser and more.

What do you think? Should this movie get the Sonic the Hedgehog treatment with some dramatic changes or does it look amazing? I'm definitely leaning towards the latter.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is here

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