The Starfield showcase could be announced soon

We could be on the verge of that ever elusive release date.

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Starfield is one of the most highly anticipated titles for 2023. Whether you're clinging onto the belief that this could be a rebirth for Bethesda or if you think there's far too much hype attached to this sci-fi RPG, its wishlist figures on Steam prove it's a title many have their eye on.

We know that we'll be getting a new showcase from Bethesda dedicated to Starfield soon, and it appears that the announcement for that showcase could be "imminent."

This is according to VGC's Andy Robinson, who tweeted that he hears the announcement for the upcoming event is coming soon. While we've got no official wording on that, it does seem as though we should hear more about the showcase sooner rather than later.

It does seem strange that we're getting excited over the reveal of an event that will unveil more information about a game that's not even out yet, but such is the way of gaming in 2023. Hopefully, we'll hear more on Starfield soon. Bethesda did promise us a release within the first half of this year, and while that looks unlikely, the developer will still have to inform fans if it is pushing the Starfield release back a bit.


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