Rainbow Six: Siege

The Six Invitational coming later this month with big reveals

The Year 4 content will be showcased, and 16 of the top teams will be fighting it out to see who can become champion at the event.

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Ubisoft has unveiled a brand new trailer for the Six Invitational competition for Rainbow Six: Siege, taking place from February 11 to 17 in Montreal, Canada, where we'll also get big game announcements for the fourth year of content from the developers themselves.

The prize pool this year is $1 million USD (£750,000) which will continue to be increased by the Road to Six Invitational revenue sharing scheme. 16 teams will be competing for the top prize, a full list of which you can see below:

Evil Geniuses (NA)
FaZe Clan (LATAM)
Fnatic (APAC)
G2 Esports (EU)
Lestream Esport (EU)
Immortals (LATAM)
Mantis FPS (APAC)
Mock-It Esports (EU)
Ninjas in Pyjamas (LATAM)
Nora-Rengo (APAC)
Penta Sports (EU)
Rogue (NA)
Spacestation Gaming (NA)
Team Empire (EU)
Team Liquid (LATAM)
Team Reciprocity (NA)

This new trailer, titled Behind the Siege, talks about the concepts behind the game, including community artists, shoutcasters, and of course the esports scene, which is having its biggest event yet at the Place Bell in Montreal from February 11 to 17. The Group Phase will take place between February 11 to 13, with the quarter-finals on February 15, the semi-finals on February 16, and the Grand Final the day after.

The Six Invitational livestream will show you all the matches and the training, but you'll also see important announcements regarding Year 4, including the upcoming Operation and a roadmap ahead.

Are you more excited for the esports or the announcements?

Rainbow Six: Siege
Photo: ESL

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