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The Sinking City

The Sinking City won't hide controversial Lovecraftian lore

Disclaimer, before the game starts, warns of racism in the next title from French studio Frogwares.

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While H.P. Lovecraft is a celebrated author, and known worldwide for his wide-reaching horror-influence, he also wrote the majority of his work at the turn of the 20th century, where some views might've been more casually accepted that is not today.

In fact, some Lovecraftian lore can easily be considered racist, but the developer behind the upcoming The Sinking City, which is based on Lovecraft's works, is not shying away from this. Instead, they are putting in a deliberate disclaimer to warn players.

In a recent preview written by Waypoint, it's been revealed that the game begins "with a content warning about Lovecraft and his racist views."

Apparently, the main character expresses these views frequently in the game, which was both a mainstay of Lovecraft's works and also a common part of the political landscape of the time.

"It's not the main theme of the game. It's one of the many other parts of the world that our hero is exposed to," said a representative of developer Frogwares when asked during the preview session.

What do you think of this inclusion? Is it a faithful interpretation of Lovecraft's work, or could they have removed it without losing the essence of the source material?

The Sinking City

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