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The Signifier

The Signifier is a tech-noir mystery coming this summer

Playmestudio's new narrative adventure is due out in the summer, with Raw Fury on publishing duties.

We just got our first look at a new tech-noir mystery game called The Signifier, and by the looks it, we'll be getting an intriguing narrative adventure game when it lands on PC in the summer.

The theme of the day appears to be the human unconscious and experimental technology that can be used to explore people's minds. In other words, here comes the thought police.

As is often the case in noir adventures such as this one, a chilling murder calls the player to action, and it's up to us to solve the murder of a high-powered tech company VP using the ominous-sounding Dreamwalker machine that apparently lets you explore the innermost thoughts of a person. Check out the trailer below.

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