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Shenmue 3

The Shenmue anime looks great in its first trailer

The series will tell the trilogy's story in 2022.

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It's been more than a year since Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki and One Punch Man/Naruto director Chikara Sakurai announced that they had teamed up with Adult Swim and Crunchyroll to make an anime series based on Shenmue, so I can understand if some of you had forgotten about it. Now it's time for a great reminder, though.

Because we've finally received the first trailer from what's simply called Shenmue: The Animation, and it looks quite good. Sure, some of you will be disappointing by the lack of focus on forklift driving, cat cuddling and duck races, but both the action and more story-focused scenes are still impressive. The trailer also makes it clear that the thirteen episodes airing next year will tell the story of the first three games, so it'll be interesting to see what gets cut or just don't get as much time in the spotlight as you might hope.

Shenmue 3

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