The second update for Haven adds same-gender couple options

The Game Bakers RPG Adventure game originally launched in 2020, but the French developer is still working on making it more inclusive.

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Haven is an RPG adventure game that was released back in 2020 by French developer The Game Bakers. Simply put, this is a love story of a pair of lover who've fled away just to stay together forever, even though they are not supposed to. They ended up being on a forgotten planet, but their ship got severely damaged. So basically in this game, what you'll need to do is exploring this place, while looking for parts and material to fix your ship. Of course there will be some cooking and crafting to do as well, since this is where you settle down with your partner now.

So, speaking of partner, a wonderful update has been released, aptly called "Couple Update" by the developer. As stated, "you can now choose to play the game with the couple of lovers you prefer: either a woman and a man, two women, or two men", since it's "a game about the freedom to choose whomever you want". This wouldn't affect anything of the storyline, just simply offers you more options.

"This update is special to us. Originally, the concept for Haven featured 8 couples, with a diverse range of relationships. It became clear during production that we wouldn't be able to reach our initial vision for the full cast of characters, so we focused on the two characters you know well. But right after the game launch, we went back to work on this update to add the alternate couples!" the team said in a post.

No matter what, it's really cool that the team continues to work hard to make the game become more inclusive, and we are sure this is a feature many would appreciate. If you are interested in Haven and want to get a copy for yourself, now might be a good timing to make the purchase - we were told that Haven is currently 40% off on most stores.


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