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The Sandman (Netflix)

The Sandman season 2 filming begins this summer

The king of dreams will be returning to our screens.

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The Sandman is returning, and the next batch of episodes will begin filming this year. Though, what is interesting to note is that neither Netflix nor any of the cast have been referring to this second season as season 2.

This could be because The Sandman is known to jump between different tones and directions as the plot develops, and so it could be that Netflix will release clumps of episodes that all follow a similar theme before moving on to the next batch.

Fans of Neil Gaiman's work can at least rest easy knowing that more The Sandman is on the way, as filming will begin this summer, with new episodes expected to drop sometime in 2024.

Mason Alexander Park, who plays Desire, spoke about the strange naming system, and when we'll be seeing more of The Sandman.

"Netflix has not gone on record as calling it a season 2 on purpose," they explained. "And so, I will, from now on and in the future, and possibly until the end of the universe not refer to it as season 2 until we know what it is. There is more Sandman coming in a really cool way and it can take many forms, so we're starting shooting in the summer and we're gonna tackle the next huge chunk of stories in however long that might take, and I'm really excited to share the format of what that might be with everybody eventually."

Are you excited to see The Sandman season two? Or whatever Netflix decides to call it?

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The Sandman (Netflix)

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