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Black Adam

The Rock talks about Black Adam and "daring to fail"

With the actor's future in the DCEU in question, The Rock has posted a video to social media.

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The Rock's superhero plans changed quickly after Black Adam bombed in cinemas and now the 50-year-old actor reflects on what happened and the concept of "daring to fail". The exact numbers surrounding Black Adam's failure are a little ambiguous but the situation wasn't helped by new DC heads Gunn and Safran coming in and cleaning house at the studio by kicking out and scrapping all early plans and actors linked to the DCEU.

Not really something that goes hand in hand with Johnson's winner mentality. Something he addressed to some extent in a video on Instagram he posted a few days ago where the actor talked about just having the courage to dare to fail, something that is inherently at the root of success. And he's not wrong. Whether it's a step in his own process of getting over Black Adam and the now shattered superhero plans, that's another question.

What do you think, is Johnson a little grumpy about the whole Black Adam situation?

Black Adam

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