The rebuilt store has now released for Xbox One

It seems faster and better organised than before, and you can check it out now.

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There are now only one and a half months to go until the Xbox Series S and X are released, and Microsoft is already in full swing in terms of its next-generation preparations. This includes a brand new store for Xbox, which members of the Insiders program have been able to try out for almost two months, and it's basically the store that you'll find when booting up your Series S/X on November 10.

We have since checked it out and it's a complete rebuild of everything. In fact, we find it a lot faster than the old store, and it offers superior options in terms of sorting and searching with better support for Xbox Game Pass. It's also easier to find games that currently are on sale right now and there's also clever parental tools that you can use.

The update has now been released for both Xbox One S and X, and if you want a video demonstration, you can find that over here. What do you think of the redesign?

The rebuilt store has now released for Xbox One

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