The Real CSI: Miami announced, to premiere this summer

It will have a more real, documentary-like format.

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was the most popular show on TV in the early 2000s, and the Las Vegas-based series had three spinoffs (set in Miami, New York and Washington - with Miami in particular outgrowing even the original series for several years). In 2015 the fun ended and the last CSI series was retired, but just six years later the show made a comeback with CSI: Vegas, which saw the return of several original characters.

CSI: Vegas' final episode will air later this month, but CBS has no plans to give up on the brand and has now announced The Real CSI: Miami, which is based on CSI: Miami. This time, however, the format is more of a documentary, with episodes focusing on real-life crime cases and going through how they were solved, often thanks to groundbreaking new tools.

The Real CSI: Miami premieres on June 26 in the US, but we assume that the popularity of the brand will make it available in most European countries and hopefully also via streaming services.

The Real CSI: Miami announced, to premiere this summer

Thanks, Variety.

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