The Rage Twitter account has some advice for Walmart

Next time, keep the caps lock on.

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Yesterday Walmart went and messed up to the extent that it probably managed to upset every single major publisher on the planet. You can read more about the many games that were potentially leaked by the retailer by hitting this link, but this story only involves only one of them: Rage 2.

Let's be clear, this is still very much an unconfirmed title and, given the length of time between this potential reveal and the launch of the first game back in 2010, it's quite a surprise. That hasn't stopped the game getting an official Twitter account in the meantime, and it's from that account that we got a response to yesterday's gaffe by Walmart. As you can see in the picture attached below, somebody in the social media team had some advice for whoever pulled the trigger on the post that may well have taken the wind out of the sails of this year's E3.


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