The Quarry

The Quarry to launch without online multiplayer support

Local multiplayer and the single player will be present all the same.

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It's not too long until The Quarry will officially launch, and if you've been following the game, you'll know that we recently published a preview after spending some time checking it out. But, despite this all being the case, 2K and Supermassive Games has made a quick announcement about the state that the title will launch in, and unfortunately for fans, not all features will be present at release.

And this is because the developer has stated that The Quarry's online multiplayer mode will not be coming at launch, and will instead be arriving on July 8. As for why this is the case, the team simply needs extra time to "deliver the best possible experience for you."

The Quarry will still release with local couch co-op available, alongside the ability to play the entire game alone, as part of the single player, but anyone looking to team up online will have to wait an extra month.

The Quarry

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