PUBG: Battlegrounds

The PUBG Global Championship has been revealed

Rounding off the 2019 season.

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PUBG Corporation has revealed the first season of its global pro competition for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, seeing nine regions come together and lock horns for the global championship at the end of the 2019 season.

At the end of phases 1 and 2 of this season, the top teams will face off in third-party global events, with the global All-Star Games following on from that. At the end of phase 3 we'll then see the Global Championship take place, with $2 million USD at stake.

All teams in the 2019 season will have the same point system, rules, and settings, and this will help everything stay fair as the teams get whittled down to the final 16 who'll compete on Miramar and Erangel.

"We're proud to announce this next step in PUBG Corp.'s plan to cement our place as a global esports platform. This season, the world's best PUBG players will have the chance to prove their superiority and strategic might against their global rivals. Now, with an international audience, our most competitive players will be able to showcase their skills, win prizes and conquer the world through PUBG," said Richard Kwon, Chief Marketing Officer at PUBG Corporation.

If you needed reminding, this news comes after the reveal of official PUBG leagues coming to Europe and North America, so PUBG Corp.'s plan for a sustainable esports infrastructure is taking shape.

What are your thoughts on the format for the 2019 season (you can see a roadmap below)?

PUBG: Battlegrounds
Photo: PUBG Corp
PUBG: Battlegrounds
Photo: PUBG Corp

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