The Protagonist

The Protagonist mixing turn-based action with Street Fighter

At least according to art director Brendan Cohoe.

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The Protagonist from 3Mind Games is a title that puts us into an original sci-fi setting for some turn-based fun, and we recently talked with art director Brendan Cohoe about the game, and what it's about, including the combat as well.

"Our game is a tactical turn-based RPG set in an original sci-fi universe, that we've developed a very ambitious story about our main characters and the entire world that we live in," was the elevator pitch offered to us by Cohoe, before we also asked about the inevitable comparisons to Xcom, which spring to mind when you talk about turn-based tactical games, except this time there's more of a melee focus.

"Yeah, we have this melee system, our creative director came up with," Cohoe explained. "It's much like Street Fighter in the turn-based style, where you can combine combos and they'll be blocking, defence moves, stuff like that. You have to know when you can use it. Some weapons we can use on some of the aliens, some we can't."

Does this new melee focus sound fun?

The Protagonist

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