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Gears 5

The protagonist from Gears Tactics is joining Gears 5

Players will be able to unlock Gabe Diaz after finishing the tutorial in Gears Tactics.

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The Coalition was a part of RazerCon during the weekend and had some interesting things to share regarding both Gears Tactics and Gears 5 - and one thing, in particular, involves both games. It turns out that the Gears Tactics protagonist Gabe Diaz is in fact coming to Gears 5.

Unlocking him won't be very hard either, as all you have to do is finish Gears Tactics tutorial on any Microsoft platform. As both titles are included with Xbox Game Pass and are released on November 10 for the Xbox consoles, it seems like a nice and easy addition.

A presentation from The Coalition about everything regarding Gears Tactics, but also Gears 5, can be checked out below:

Gears 5

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