Pokémon Diamond/Pearl

The Pokémon Twitter account appears to be teasing Diamond and Pearl remakes

Pokémon Day is now only 3 days away.

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It feels like Diamond and Pearl remake rumours are floating everywhere around the internet now as we inch closer to Pokémon's 25th anniversary. With Pokémon Day right around the corner (February 27), the official Pokémon Twitter account has posted a teaser of its own, and this has only worked to heighten the ongoing speculation.

The post that was shared yesterday on Twitter states: "Let's go, Sinnoh! Turtwig, Chimchar and Piplup are preparing for #PokemonDay—it's only 4 days away!"

This isn't concrete confirmation of remakes coming at all, but it would be the most unfair tease if they weren't on the way. It's also unclear what might be meant by "Let's go, Sinnoh!" It could signal that the remakes are entries into the Let's Go series or it could simply be playful wording. We're personally hoping they are not getting the Let's Go treatment, as that would mean that GameFreak would be skipping out on both the Johto and Hoenn games.

Do you think Gen 4 remakes are right around the corner?

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
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