The Pokémon company tease 25th anniversary celebration for 2021

The tease brings a new logo on the same day a Pikachu float soars through the Manhattan skyline.

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The Pokémon company has teased a celebration event set for 2021, for its 25th anniversary. As part of its Thanksgiving celebration, Pokémon revealed a new logo for the company, as part of its annual Thanksgiving day Macy's Parade celebration, where a giant floating Pikachu has soared across the Manhattan skyline annually for the past 20 years.

Very little else has been announced regarding the anniversary celebration, except for the new logo and the fact that it will be occurring in 2021. If you are interested to see the new logo, check out the picture below that shows the anniversary teaser of a faceless Pikachu head, with a 2 and a 5 as its red cheeks.

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The Pokémon company tease 25th anniversary celebration for 2021

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