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The PlayStation and Xbox gap seems to have declined a lot this generation

Estimates suggest that over 12 million Xbox Series consoles have been shipped.

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While PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was pretty neck and neck, the same thing could not be said about last generation. PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One by more than 2:1. So how are they doing this generation then?

Well, Microsoft don't give sales numbers for hardware anymore, but they used to do so. Thanks to this and yesterdays Phil Spencer quote about Xbox Series S/X having a better first year than any previous Xbox console, we now have a clue about the sales. It's the acknowledged Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad who writes on Twitter:

"This would put Xbox Series X|S over 12 million shipped according to our estimates. The dual SKU strategy has paid off for Microsoft amid the the supply chain issues / semiconductor shortage. Increased production of S allowed for more Xboxes on shelves than if they only had X."

The last official number number from Sony on PlayStation 5 sales puts it at 13.4 million sold units. Surely it has sold a couple of million units more during fall and Christmas, and Forbes estimates the new total to be around 15-17 million sold PlayStation 5. While this is still a clear lead for PlayStation 5, it's nowhere near the same gap as last generation, and they are actually almost neck and neck again.

The PlayStation and Xbox gap seems to have declined a lot this generation

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