The PlayStation 5 could get an AI assistant

Sony's next console might be getting an AI assistant and helping players in games would be one of its features.

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Several programs and apps have AI assistants nowadays, and Sony might be working on one for the next PlayStation. This information comes via Techtastic.nl, that claims Sony has registered a patent for this AI, called "PlayStation Assist".

A few examples are shared of the potential of this AI, using Horizon: Zero Dawn as a subject. According to the examples, players could ask the AI about directions, or where to find items in-game, using voice commands. The AI would then access Sony servers to get an answer for the player.

PlayStation Assist would also be available via the PlayStation mobile app, and it would allow players to consult several statistics, like how much time have they spent in a game and when they started playing.

One should note that patents don't always come to fruition, so this might never come to be, although it make all the sense in the world to us.

The PlayStation 5 could get an AI assistant

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