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Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall

The pixelated royalist simulator Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall announced

You need to check this unique video of a very promising game.

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The developers at Brave at Night had a mini-hit with their pixelated genre combo Yes, Your Grace three years ago, and tonight the sequel Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall was announced. Here's how the developer describes the game:

"Yes, Your Grace: Snowfall is a cinematic kingdom management game. Make alliances, support your loved ones and rebuild the trust of your people. Dive into a Slavic-folklore inspired world, bursting with enchanting characters that will bring trouble, help or laughter into your throne room. Challenge your petitioners' intent and decide if you want to satisfy their pleas."

If you didn't check out the predecessor (but were caught by the series' fantastic design as you can see in tonight's trailer here), Yes, Your Grace has a 70% discount on Steam right now.

Yes, Your Grace: SnowfallYes, Your Grace: SnowfallYes, Your Grace: Snowfall

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