Yellowjackets (Paramount+)

The phone number for Lottie's cult in Yellowjackets actually works

By dialling the number you get to listen to a creepy message from Sunshine Honey.

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Anyone who has been keeping up to date with the second season of Yellowjackets will be familiar with the cult that is run by Simone Kessell's adult version of Lottie. Known as the Sunshine Honey Wellness Community, the cult gets up to all kinds of creepy and weird activities, and while it is completely fictional, the number that Lottie gives to her friends in the show is actually very real and you can dial it for a message from Sunshine Honey herself.

Granted, this will only lead to a pre-recorded message, but in the spirit of Yellowjackets, it's creepy and off-putting and makes you want to stay thousands of miles clear of upstate New York, where the cult is based.

Yellowjackets Season 2 is still continuing to air on Paramount+ on a weekly basis.

Yellowjackets (Paramount+)

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