Phantom Blade: Zero

The Phantom Blade: Zero developers used real Kung Fu masters to capture the combat

Talk about dedication to the craft.

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At Summer Game Fest, not only did we get to play Phantom Blade: Zero, but we also were lucky enough to chat with the game's director, Soulframe Liang, who spoke with us at length about the story, combat, and more.

As you can see from any of the game's trailers, the combat is looking to be pretty stellar here, with movements that flow like a duel in a movie. According to Liang, that's down to the dedication they put in to recreate real Kung Fu movements.

"Firstly, all the movements are motion captured by real Kung Fu masters back in China," said Liang. "We have invited, I think, a lot of top-tier Kung Fu stuntmen in the movie industry to mo-cap for our Kung Fu movements and they also give a lot of inspirations to design all these movements in dual blades and long blades. All the movements are incredible, but they are real. They are from real Kung Fu movements."

"The philosophy of Kung Fu is you will move all the time," he continued. "You can move all the way around. You can move and dodge to the enemy's back and you move like water, right? And so that's also a very important philosophy in Kung Fu And we express that."

Check out our full interview in the video below. Phantom Blade: Zero is in development for PS5 and PC.


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