Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

The PES League S1 viewership was "immense"

We talked with Konami's Lennart Bobzien about the esports scene in Liverpool.

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While we were at Liverpool FC's Anfield stadium for the PES League Road to Cardiff event we spoke to Konami's European PES League & Digital Manager Lennart Bobzien about the League, and how participation has changed from Season 1 to Season 2.

"First of all we made some changes in Season 2," he explained, "so Season 1 was the start for this year. We made some changes and then we just noticed a spike in terms of participating players on a global level, and that was huge."

When we asked about these changes specifically, Bobzien said: "The PES League, from Season 1 to Season 2, is still available to everyone through our free-to-play mode. That's something we didn't want to change. Secondly we made some changes in the tournament structure, so how many games players can play per week or per day because we noticed, for Season 1, the demand was high, that players want to play more games to give them a better chance to qualify, or more fairer chance to qualify for the regional finally."

"Also what we're looking after for both the seasons was making sure the tournament is as fair as possible, that we're looking to players, that they are behaving fair, that they are following our rules, to give everyone an equal chance to qualify for Anfield."

We also talked about viewership for the competition as well. "For Season 1, since it was the first time we did it in this kind of setup and at the [Nou] Camp in Barcelona, the viewership was huge, especially since we're offering the livestream on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. We've just noticed that, especially on Facebook, the viewership is immense, it's something we didn't expect would be that high and therefore we are really happy. For Liverpool we are looking at similar numbers but actually we increased, or improved, the streaming itself to make it more appealing for our audience."

What can the PES League do to grow in the future?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

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