Persona 5

The Persona series has sold 8.5 million copies

Sega offered an interesting report on their game series.

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Yesterday Sega announced a financial report for the year 2017, where we discovered that the popular RPG series Persona has reached 8.5 million units sold. Persona 5 was the latest game in the series to be released, launching on April 4, getting great feedback from players and press (you can read our review here here), with 1.8 million units shipped since its launch. There's also good news for the Megami Tensei series, which since 1987 has sold about 7.2 million units.

Sega also offered a very detailed report on other important series in its library, including Yakuza, Sonic, Hokuto no Ken, and Etrian Odyssey, which you can take a look at below. Do you think Persona can go on to reach more milestones?

Persona 5

- Megami Tensei series (Launched 1987) - Approx. 7.2 million units across 28 total editions (packaged and digital total)

- Persona series (Launched 1996) - Approx. 8.5 million units across 13 total editions (packaged and digital total)

- Etrian Odyssey series (Launched 2007) - Approx. 1.8 million units across nine total editions (packaged and digital total)

- Sonic the Hedgehog series (Launched 1991) - Approx. 360 million units / downloads (packaged and digital total)

- Puyo Puyo series (Launched 1991, Sales Account for after 1998) - Approx. 25 million units / downloads / IDs (packaged and digital, AM-registered ID total (total for registrations after IP acquisition))

- Yakuza series (Launched 2005) - Approx. 10.5 million units / downloads across 75 total editions (packaged and digital total)

- Aladdin series (Launched 1989) - Approx. 570,000 units across 14 total editions (pachislot and pachinko machine and amusement machine total)

- Beast King series (Launched 2001) - Approx. 490,000 units across 15 total editions (pachislot and pachinko machine and amusement machine total)

- Phantasy Star series (Launched 1987) - Approx. 4.5 million Phantasy Star Online 2 IDs (cumulative total for registered IDs)

- Chain Chronicle series (Launched 2013) - Approx. 10 million downloads across two total editions (packaged and digital total)

- Sega feat. Hatsune Miku Project series (Launched 2009) - Approx. 5.5 million units / downloads across 52 total editions (packaged and digital total)

- Hokuto no Ken series (Launched 2002) - Approx. 2.74 million units (pachislot and pachinko machine and amusement machine total)

- Souten-no-Ken series (Launched 2009) - Approx. 440,000 units (pachislot and pachinko machine total)

Persona 5

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