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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The PEA suspends its CS:GO league

It turns out the rumours were true.

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Last week we reported that CS:GO players chose to play in the ESL Pro League over the PEA, and Scott "SirScoots" Smith explained the reasoning behind this choice. There was also a rumour that PEA had decided to stop CS:GO tournaments as well, and this has been confirmed.

A statement released to theScore esports from the PEA explains the motive for suspending the CS:GO league, and reads as follows:

"Since the time of the original announcement of the PEA CS:GO league, it has become clear to the PEA organisations that there isn't sufficient financial support in the ecosystem," a PEA spokesperson. "Either from broadcast/streaming partners, sponsors or others, to profitably operate a third prominent online league, due to the oversaturation of the marketplace and the recent upward spiral in operating costs."

Are you surprised at this decision?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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