The Park

The Park opens October 27

But we advise you to let the kids stay home.

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Norwegian developer Funcom has been working on a new PC title called The Park, and when it was announced in August they revealed it would be released just two months later. Now we finally have the official date, and it's October 27 - just in time for Halloween.

The Park is a first person psychological horror game which takes place in one of the locations found in Funcom's 2012 MMORPG The Secret World. Despite being set in an amusement park, your task will be to uncover a dark secret while being afraid for the hour or two it takes to finish the game.

The latest press release says that by playing The Park you get to unlock some sort of bonuses for The Secret World, but with the exception of a Chipmunk Killer costume we don't know what those unlocks are.

The game is available via pre-order for £7.99 (will cost £9.99 at launch) on Steam as well as other online stores.

To learn more about The Park watch this video:

The Park

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