The Park

The Park is set for console release next month

Funcom's short horror adventure hits PS4 and Xbox One.

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Back in November of last year Norwegian developer Funcom (Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, The Secret World) released a new game entitled The Park, which was set within an abandoned amusement park.

With its feet firmly placed in the horror genre The Park gave PC players a couple of intense hours as you search for your son among dark and ominous merry-go-rounds and rollercoasters, and it was soon revealed that a console version was in the making as well.

Now, the team has announced that said console version is nearing completion, and the launch date has been scheduled for May 3rd for both the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One versions.

The ParkThe ParkThe ParkThe Park
The ParkThe ParkThe ParkThe Park

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