The Outlaws

The Outlaws returns this May

The kooky collection of minor criminals are back to tear up Bristol.

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No doubt The Outlaws is a series that quite a few people have never seen before, simply because it was a rather small project made by the BBC. However, its quality has shined through and ever since its debut back in 2021, a second season has followed and now a third season is also almost here.

The Outlaws will be back on May 31, and we have a trailer to show just what this new batch of episodes will include too. The series, created by Stephen Merchant, will see the kooky gang of minor criminals from all facets of life coming back together to cause havoc in the British city of Bristol.

This new season will see the gang attempting to prove Christopher Walken's Frank Sheldon's innocence after he has been tapped as the lead suspect in a murder investigation. This will all happen while the crew need to prove their own innocence in a case against crime boss The Dean, who the gang helped incarcerate in the last season.

As for where you can watch The Outlaws' third season, it will be landing first on BBC iPlayer on May 30 for those in the UK, before coming to Prime Video around the world on May 31.

The Outlaws

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