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The Outlast Trials
Featured: Gamescom 2022 Coverage

The Outlast: Trials gets new trailer and closed beta in October

Release is planned for 2023.

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It was almost to the day a year ago when Red Barrels announced that The Outlast: Trials would be delayed until 2022, and since then we haven't heard anything from the developer. But last night we finally got an update and it turns out that they are on track and the next step will be a closed beta in the month of October. But that's not all. We of course got an accompanying trailer as well, which unsurprisingly was dark in both senses of the word.

On the one hand there was the usual poor lighting in the madhouse where inhumane experiments were carried out by the Murkoff Corporation during the Cold War, but it was also dark to the core. Brutal, macabre and generally grisly. Lots of flesh, blood and guts. Heart-pounding screams and panicked flights. Disgusting characters who appear out of nowhere and slaughter you on the spot. Nothing seems to have been too barbaric to include, so we're ready for anything.

The beta will take place between October 28 and November 1. At the moment the beta seems to be PC only, via Steam but the developer also hinted that this may change.


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