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The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos DLC to offer a "movie-esque" narrative experience

Obsidian: "We wanted the players to feel like they are starring in their own serial adventure."

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The next major expansion for The Outer Worlds is set to release March 17, as we previously reported on. But, as for what that expansion contains, we asked the title's co-game directors Megan Starks and Tim Cain about how Murder on Eridanos plans to differentiate itself from the previous DLCs.

"We really want to provide a standalone, self-contained narrative experience, in this case it feels a little bit movie-esque," said Starks. "We wanted the players to feel like they are starring in their own serial adventure and go on this crazy, pulpy sci-fi ride. I think that it is very comparable to what you experienced in the base game and the first DLC.

With a lot of lore already being at your fingertips in The Outer Worlds, Murder on Eridanos seems to be looking to expand and add context to some of the places and people we've already been to and met. As Cain put it, "It certainly expands on a lot of things that you've already encountered."

"If you went to Odeon pictures, you saw the Halycon Helen posters. You've already been in Rizzo's ruined headquarters in Cascadia and now you can see a working laboratory and factory in Eridanos. So, it's all things that the character has been introduced to, but there's a lot more depth that we go into," said Cain.

You can look to catch the full interview below, and if you're interested in grabbing The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos, you can do so starting March 17.

The Outer Worlds

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