The original Xbox shows up in Halo: Season 2

The latest episode paid homage to fans of the series.

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The first season of the Halo series made a whole lot of gamers disappointed as this universe suddenly had a magic connection between Master Chief and the titular Halo Rings, focused an awful lot on a boring side story about a kid, and even included as sex scene with Master Chief. And it certainly didn't help that he rarely used his iconic helmet either, even in dangerous situations.

But Season 2, which tells us about the fall of planet Reach, has been met with much more optimism and positivity by being more in line with the Halo games. And the latest episode (Season 2: Episode 4) has made the fans even more happy, as it includes a really cool easter egg taking place in an antique store. If you watch the scene carefully, you can see a Halo Edition Xbox on one of the shelves. Check it out below to see what it looks like.

The green and translucent Halo Edition Xbox was released back in 2004 and only 200,000 units were produced. Today it's quite the collectors item that is really valuable if you have it in good condition.

The original Xbox shows up in Halo: Season 2

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