Duke Nukem Forever

The original Duke Nukem Forever comes back with new images and a playable version

A group of users are going to leak the project developed until 2001 to reveal what it was and what it could really have been.

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After a very long, difficult and problematic development, Duke Nukem Forever was released in 2011 by 2K Games, Gearbox Software and 3D Realms. A first person shooter tha spent in the shadows way longer than expected, with very rare glimmers of its material, like a video shown in E3 2001.

The final version was far from the promised one that seemed way ahead of its time when it first showed up. 3D Realms had raised ambition to the fullest with a small team and, together with unexpected changes and economic problems, led to a final release way too late and pretty disastrous. But, how was the original Duke Nukem Forever? 4chan is going to let us find out.

Duke Nukem Forever

As stated in the Duke4 website, an user of this enormous internet forum called x0r is currently publishing materials of the demo showed in E3 2001, and what's more, he's collaborating with a team to convert that old build in something playable, including almost all the game chapters of the game.

They are also releasing to the public all the source code and the game editor. They claim that all weapons are functional except for two, and also add that they have the engine and source code of UnrealScript (the game was developed in Unreal Engine 1) and that the game is not complete because it was never finished.

A certainly curious discovery and surely great news for Duke Nukem fans. The original Forever project, the one which starred in the late 90's video games magazines, has reappeared, and this June it's going to say hello to the world.

Duke Nukem Forever

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