Dark Souls II

The "no details" interview on Dark Souls II DLC

A GRTV first as Gillen threatens to strangle the producer. As a joke, surely.

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We had an opportunity to discuss Dark Souls II's DLC trilogy Lost Crowns with global producer Atsuro Yoshimura. This interview shall forever be known as the "I cannot go into details"-interview. Then again, it's difficult to imagine a game where secrets are as important to the experience as Dark Souls II.

"Our main focus of the three DLCs is to provide different situations, different environments. That's why we decided to come up with these three situations. And it's only after we released the main game so we're really working on a tight schedule."

The first of the three DLCs Crown of the Sunken King was just released, and Yoshimura does give some vague details about the other episodes as well as hinting at a secret reward for those who complete 'em all.

"We want players to play the main game before purchasing these DLCs," said Yoshimura before going on to talk about the fact that players who don't own the DLC can be summoned by players opting for the "challenging" route.

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