The Nintendo museum opens this autumn

It's confirmed that work on the building has been completed.

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As you may know, Nintendo has been working on a museum in Kyoto (Nintendo's hometown) for quite some time, never detailing when it will open. Although we don't have a premiere date to offer yet either, the company now says that work on the building is complete and that the museum will open its doors this fall.

During today's financial report, this was revealed as "Examples of Initiatives to Expand the Number of People Who Have Access to Nintendo IP", but they also make it clear that they want to get better at expanding their brands to reach people who have otherwise had difficulty connecting with their characters, writing:

"Going forward, we will continue to create points of contact with consumers by promoting various initiatives that utilize Nintendo IP in a wide range of fields."

The latter include the upcoming The Super Mario Bros. Movie sequel, the Zelda movie, and more Super Nintendo Land parks (with existing ones to be expanded with Donkey Kong Country).

Basically, there will be even more Nintendo in the future. But with that said, how keen are you to visit the Nintendo Museum in Kyoto?

The Nintendo museum opens this autumn

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