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Halo: Reach

The next test for Halo: Reach on PC will give us a taste of Firefight

After the first test on PC, 343i is looking to see how people get on with Reach's PvE-only mode.

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The first stress test for Halo: Reach on PC seems to have gone off without a hitch to the extent that 343 Industries is planning to launch the next test later this month (if all goes according to plan, that is). According to a post over on Halo Waypoint, the first test was to see if the game ran comfortably on a number of different hardware setups, and everything seems to have progressed well with 60% of those invited participating in the event.

Next up the studio has confirmed that it will look to try out Reach's Firefight mode. That mode became a popular part of the series after it was introduced in Halo 3: ODST, although Bungie took the concept to the next level with Halo: Reach, introducing a number of tiered progression systems that prompted a huge number of players to sink hundreds of hours into the co-op portion of the game (and no doubt inspired a number of key decisions when the studio made its next game, Destiny).

If you would also like to be involved with the public testing for Halo: Reach and all of the other games in the Master Chief collection that are being ported to PC, you can sign up for the Insider Program right here.

Halo: Reach

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