The next ROG Ally is getting a reveal later today

The first ROG Ally released less than a year ago.

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As many PC gaming companies look towards handheld PCs as the next big leap for innovation, there's a bit of a race on to see which machine stands out as the best. The Steam Deck is often touted as the champion in this regard, but that doesn't stop other companies from taking a shot at the king.

The ROG Ally offered a lot of interest when it first launched last June, and now it seems ASUS is gearing up for a new bit of hardware. Later on today, premiering at 20:00 BST/21:00 CEST, we're getting a look at whatever's next for the ROG Ally.

This could be an entirely new piece of kit, or like the Steam Deck OLED it could offer some improvements without changing too much about what made the Ally in the first place. Either way, we've only got a few hours more to wait.

The next ROG Ally is getting a reveal later today

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