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Battlefield 2021

The next Battlefield game won't release until 2021 at the earliest

Battlefield fans will have to wait until 2021 to experience the next generation Battlefield game.

Ever since DICE started spending around 12 to 18 months on each Battlefield game, that development time is what players have come to expect. This means that many have assumed that the next Battlefield game would be set to release for this and the coming hardware generation next year. However, it seems like Electronic Arts have chosen a different tactic this time.

During the recent financial report, EA stated that the world won't see a new Battlefield game until the 2022 fiscal year, which would be set between April of 2021 and March of 2022. With the game so far off we, of course, don't know much else about the upcoming game, but let us know what you're hoping to see at release down below.

Battlefield 2021

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