The next Battleborn character is a hoodie wearing snake

Pendles revealed by Gearbox Software.

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Battleborn has struggled a bit after its fairly successful launch (number one in the UK charts that week), and is now facing stiff competition from Blizzard's Overwatch. Developer Gearbox Software has just announced the next character that will be added to the game and he is called "Pendles". He is a snake, with a very fashionable hoodie and a tomahawk made by what looks like a bird skull. Below you can digest what the developers write about him on the official site:

"Hailing from the water world of Akopos, and pals with Alani, Pendles is a cold-blooded killer. No, literally. This anthropomorphized reptile will ssssneak up on you, poison you, perforate you with dual kamas then - poof - disappear without leaving a trace. Oh, yeah, and he wears a dope pair of sneakers. Get it? "Ssssneaky"?!? Wears sneakers?!? (Fine...fine.) This Rogue's rogue may be a cold-blooded assassin-for-hire, but Ghalt felt was safer to have him on the team, than not."

"Pendles will be coming in the next couple months as the 27th Battleborn and will be free for everyone with 47,500 credits earned in-game. He can also be unlocked instantly using a (1) hero key, which are included in the season pass, saving you the time it takes to earn the credits to otherwise unlock him. We'll have more info on Pendles, including his abilities and release date as, we get closer to his release."


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