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The MultiVersus version of Gizmo can sing and has a bow

The Gremlins protagonist has been properly introduced.

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The already pretty impressive roster of MultiVersus is becoming even better today as the Gremlins protagonist Gizmo becomes a playable character. While this has been known for a while, he has now got a proper introduction on Twitter.

Here we get to learn that he is a Support and can use his singing from the movies as a weapon as the notes are projectiles. Gizmo also has the bow from Gremlins 2: The New Batch, which can ignite enemies if fully charge. Finally, he can "do a Yoda" and piggyback ride his companion. This makes him both immune to debuffs, while Gizmo still can sing and shoot his bow.

Sounds like an interesting package. Will you play Gizmo later today?


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