Saw X

The most gruesome trap from Saw X has been shown off

Check out the Eye Vacuum Trap in this creepy clip.

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Saw X's release is just over a week away, and now we have our first official clip of one of the new traps that'll be making it into the movie.

The Eyeball Vacuum trap is exactly as nasty as it sounds. Hooking you up to some tubes, your eyeballs will be sucked out in a certain amount of time, unless you turn the dial on the chair you're strapped to. Turning the dial isn't exactly a better option, though, as you'll be breaking your fingers one by one.

Truly messed up stuff and we're glad we're not the ones in that chair. The clip doesn't show whether the victim makes it out of the trap alive or not, but considering the Eyeball Vacuum is on the poster for Saw X, we think we're going to see it in action.

Saw X

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